Rev’s Reflections


2020 has a certain ring to it don’t you think? When I was a child if a movie mentioned the year 2020 it would have likely shown us all living in a futuristic city, whizzing about on space transport and flying to and from work using jet packs. Thunderbirds and the Jetsons come to mind together with Star Trek and all the advantages of intergalactic transportation…….


We are overwhelmed by technology and screens and phones are never far from the palms of our teenagers and young adults. People can chat face to face using their gadgets and the world seems a much smaller and well connected place than the world of my childhood when letters were handwritten and telephones had curly wires that constantly got in a knot.

What does 2020 look like to you?


I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Eve because I find it always make me a little maudlin to see one year turn into another. But the New Year brings with it the chance to reflect on the year that has gone by and to look towards new beginnings and changing seasons. The Christmas decorations are back in the loft, holiday adverts appear on the television, Ski Sunday becomes a tempting watch and children have returned to school. In the bleak aftermath of Christmas perhaps our thoughts have returned to those pivotal moments during the year that have either steered our course or knocked us completely off-balance.


The year ahead may be filled with fear or excitement. Some events we are unable to change, concerns that have rolled with us from one year into the next, those things in our lives which must be borne as best we can. Other experiences might need preparation and planning, they might need money and creativeness or perhaps just a truckload of enthusiasm.


I wonder if this is how the Wise men felt as they persevered in tracking down Jesus. They weren’t in the thick of things when he was born because they arrived much later when he was perhaps a toddler. They weren’t part of the excitement in the stable, with the baby, his mum, dad and a motley crew of bedraggled shepherds. They had followed a star and it led them to a small innocent child that needed their protection.


Whatever the future holds for each and every one of us, there is no stopping the dawn of a new year and the prospect of change. Whatever change might look like in our individual lives, perhaps we too need to be like the Wise men, planning our next steps carefully, adopting a little bravery when necessary and above all focussing totally on the wise teacher who started life as a small innocent child in a manger one starry night.

Rev Julie