Rev’s Reflections


As I write I wonder what I can possibly say regarding the Coronavirus that won’t be out of date by the time you read this. Information is changing almost daily but the one true message that emanates from it all is that we must look after one another and ‘love thy neighbour’ but in some cases this may mean keeping our distance, an unusual concept in a loving and caring community.


For those who regularly spend time with others, popping in for a chat or to deliver a bit of shopping these changing times may be difficult to negotiate. Childcare and work may become tricky, social events and gatherings may be less frequent, those we usually see may become poorly and we miss their company. Or perhaps for our own personal reasons, we may be reluctant to leave our homes preferring to keep our own company with a selection of books and the television. ‘Loving thy neighbour’ may be the simple act of a telephone conversation in what might for someone be a long and lonely day.


Hold onto the thought however, that the dark days of winter are always replaced by the light and colour of spring. Easter is just around the corner, the flowers will still give colour to the garden, thick layers of clothing will be stashed for next year, the days will stay light for longer and children will still expect to hunt for and crack open a chocolate Easter egg or two.


As the weeks go by, be safe, stay well and take heed of all the precautions and guidance.


Every blessing