Reflection for the Month

From The Rectory . . 

I can’t believe that it is December already. Time to start those Christmas preparations. As the parent to six children and two (soon to be three) grandchildren, Christmas shopping is always somewhat frenetic. A few years ago some of the stress was taken out of it when my children decided to e-mail a Christmas wish list to each other. That both reduces the stress of having to guess what they’d like (and in what size & what colour), and also means that there are beams on Christmas morning rather than restrained groans!! Harriet is the only one to have got her act together so far this year, and she’s basically given a list of toys for Anna & Daniel. She’s been de-cluttering lately so wants to get rid of her own stuff, not add to it.

One of the questions I sometimes pose to the children who come into church during December for Christingle or crib services is ‘What would Jesus like for Christmas?’  I usually come prepared with three wrapped items of what I think he’d like. The first is a frying pan, because Jesus and his friends seem to have spent a lot of time eating together. Some of the disciples were fishermen and we know about shared meals of fish on the shore of Lake Galilee. The second is a pair of stout boots. Jesus and his disciples tramped for many a mile up and down Galilee, up to the region of Tyre and Sidon for a well-earned rest and then down to Jerusalem for the festivals. He’d have needed decent footwear. The final item is a pillow. Jesus seems to have slept wherever there was a place to lay his head, including in the bottom of boats. A pillow would have aided his rest.

For Jesus, of course Christmas is actually his birthday, and we celebrate Christmas remembering that God stepped into our world and came and lived among us. Eating and drinking with friends, tramping dusty roads, sleeping in the bottom of boats, and teaching us what life is really all about. In the busyness of present buying, house decorating, and meal preparation it’s good to just pause and remember how it all started. 

I hope you have a happy and blessed Christmas.                                                                             

   Rev Penny